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News channels are supposed to be a source of information which is true and unbiased.Some news channels seem to have forgotten this.We have channels like CNN IBN messing up news.They told my friend Ankur Banerjee(GQ) to act as a student of class XII when we were in class XI.He was told to act as if he was to appear for IIT-JEE 2007.Almost everyone who knows GQ knows that he is a Linux enthusiast and simply hates Microsoft.How did CNN treat him?They said that had an ambition to become the CEO of Microsoft!!!They also renamed him-Ankur Bhattacharya.This is how a news bulletin is generated.

In another incident,Delhi Aaj Tak reporters asked three students of our school as if they were horrified over the CBSE syllabus change for Class XII.They were asked to express their anxiety about unavailability of textbooks.The textbooks were more or less available on time and nobody faced any problem.

I hope you are convinced about the fact that News Channels telecast more fiction and very little facts.They twist up the news and depict it as they want to and force their views on the public.Moreover,the crime shows are meant to scare and entertain people more than spreading awareness.The host looks like a convict ho escaped Tihar Jail.

Let me talk in terms of cricket now.Yesterday,when India lost to England in the first ODI of the series,the news channels grabbed this opportunity to fill their empty time slots with rubbish news about the match filled with exaggeration.The news bulletin said that all of the three senior players-Sachin Tendulkar,Saurav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid failed to score well in the match as if the rest of the 8 players were incompetent and were playing just for the sake of playing.Cricket is supposed to be a game in which one team has to lose and the other has to win.Yesterday,it was not India’s day.You can’t just say that India performed poorly.The other aspect is that the England batsmen did a good job.Nobody blamed the bowlers who managed to get just two batsmen out.

I really prefer newspaper over a news channel as news looks like news in a newspaper and it is fiction once a news channel telecasts it.


  1. @GQ:Well, I agree as mentioned in my post.But If I’m not mistaken,CNN IBN(an english channel) messed up your news by saying that “Ankur Bhattacharya wants to be the CEO of the devil-Microsoft”

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