August 2, 2007 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Adverts, Blogging.

In my previous post on Bloggerwave called BLOGGERWAVE-NOT A SCAM I had included my conversations with Ulrik Svane Thomsen.You might remember(or just check it out) that in his last E-mail,he mentioned that he had signed up with a professional design company to re-design Bloggerwave.Today,while surfing I noticed that Bloggerwave has a new design and layout which is very different form PayPerPost.

I hope this is enough to convince people that Bloggerwave is not at all a scam and is nothing but a good blog advertising website like all others.I’m sure Bloggerwave will soon be able to provide more opportunities with it’s cool new design.Mr. Ulrik,you were right,I really like the new design of bloggerwave.All the best!

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