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Last Sunday,22nd July VMC held TS-5 for its IIT JEE 2008 batch.The test was very important for students on RCC(Regular Classroom Course) and ECC(Extended Classroom Course) as reshuffling was to be done on the basis of the test.The test was held at the usual two centers.

This was the first test in which there was no negative marking for questions with more than one correct answers.This made the test challenging.The difficulty level of the questions was medium as usual.Like all other TS’s this one provided lots of information to students.I always learn a lot from a TS.

The invigilation for this TS was better than that for any other test.Besides Priyanshu Bhaiya and a few other people who are always there,Aditya Bhaiya made his way to the test center.We were provided errata sheets unlike previous tests in which the corrections were announced manually.

Vidyamandir Classes was completely prepared to organize this TS.Everything was perfect.They have promised that the checking will also be perfect.

If you want to know when the results will be out,I predict the results to be out before 30th July as the test is open Online till 26th July.

The IIT JEE 2009 batch had its TS1 on 15th July.You people should expect the results anytime now.After you receive your marks,please see where you’ve lost marks and revise the test throughly once and for all.I’m sure Bade Bhaiya will instruct you to do so.If you’ve scored low,don’t get disheartened as you have a long way to go.

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