July 9, 2007 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Formula 1.

I had my Physics Exam today thus I’m posting about yesterday’s race today.The British Grand Prix was a complete entertainer.By the way Roger Federer defeated Nadal in the Wimbledon final again! He has now won 5 times in a row and I feel that this is not his last one .You can expect another one next year.Let’s get back to the British Grand Prix.

Hamilton grabbed pole position for his debut home grand prix.But,later in the race it was clear that the Ferrari cars were faster than the McLarens.Thus McLaren had actually compromised on Hamilton’s fuel load to get him at pole position to try to sustain the position in the race.Hamilton admitted that the Ferraris had an edge in terms of performence.

The race was a good one for Raikkonen as he finally managed to win the British Grand Prix after finishing on the podium 4 times.Alonso managed a second place ahead of teammate Lewis Hamilton who finished third.Felipe Massa managed a fifth position in the second of the two Ferraris.

This season is shaping up well as Lewis Hamilton has managed a podium finish 9/9 times in this season.Ferrari are developing thier aerodynamics and are not far behind in terms of championship points.I think that Ferrari is going to dominate the rest of the season and the Drivers and Constructors championship will be decided in the last few races.

The next race is the European Grand Prix which is held in Germany(Nurburgring circuit).I wonder if I’ll be able to post on it as I’ll be busy with my TS-5 preparations.

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