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Test Room is a software that is used by VMC students to take tests at home. It is a good innovation made by Vidyamandir Classes. It can be used even without an internet connection at home. It makes taking tests much easier and hassle-free. The test is supposed to be attempted in a single sitting and can’t be paused. It also has an auto-save feature to combat power failures. This is what the main menu looks like.

The sync button is a good way to update your test list and submit completed tests. In case you don’t have internet access at home, you may download the test files from VM Portal and import the tests into Test Room (transfer the files to your computer via any storage media). After completing the tests you can export the answer files and store them in a storage media, preferably a floppy or pen drive as the files are just about 2KB in size. You can then upload your answer files on VM Portal before the test closes. It’s much simpler if you have internet access. I’m going to show you what the tests list looks like. This is my list as on May 27. It has become even more crowded after the 5 tests last week. In such situation there’s an option to archive tests. Archived tests can be viewed but they don’t appear on the main Test List.

Test Room is a really good software except for the fact that it has some flaws. Some people find it difficult to work with and face problems logging in. In such cases I’m ready to help you to some extent. You can contact me via e-mail or leave a comment here regarding the problem faced by you. I’m sure this will help both VMC and the students using Test Room.

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