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Yesterday, I finally received my free Ubuntu 7.04 CD. I didn’t expect it to come this soon as my friend GQ had ordered his copy much before I ordered mine and he is still waiting for his CD. I was really excited to try this latest version of this Linux based Operating System. I installed it successfully without any problems considering that it didn’t affect the Windows XP professional edition-Service Pack 2 installed on the other partition of my hard disc. Ubuntu is an ancient African word that means “humanity to others”. It was easy to install as it came with a live installation CD. All you need to have is at least 256MB of RAM and around 4GB of disc space. This is the first Linux OS I have tried and it seems to be great at first look. The installation is far more interactive than any Windows installation. As I have mentioned earlier Ubuntu is a Linux OS. Thus, you can use it absolutely free of cost. Therefore, you can order your own CD or download the files and burn a CD by clicking on the link below

I’ve decided to give you a glance at what you will receive if you download order Ubuntu. This is what the cover looks like

And here’s a picture of the CD

Ubuntu has a really good Afrikaans start up tone which is music to your ears. I personally got extremely bored of the Windows XP start up tone. The software bundled with it includes Open Office, which I must say, is much better than Microsoft Office. Mozilla Firefox is the default web browser and archive manager is the default archiver. The Add or Remove software menu is a good utility that allows you to download and install softwares easily. I would rate Ubuntu 7.04 *****(5/5). Thus, if you are thinking of upgrading to Windows Vista, you should try Ubuntu at least once before doing so. Why would you want to waste money for an unsafe OS if you could get a safer one free of charge.If you want more pictures,here’s a picture of my desktop.

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  1. There’s LOADS you can do to your desktop! Play around with Compiz, and with a bit of tweaking you can have loads of cool effects like transparencies and all, and with only a fraction of resources being used compared to Vista.

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