Icy tower is one of my favorite freewares.Its a cute game in which a guy called Harold(played by the user) tries to climb up a very high tower without falling down.The objective of the game is to reach as high as possible and in the process grab maximum number of points.Your points not only depend upon how high you reach but they also depend upon you speed and the number of combo jumps you make.Its a very popular game and I would rate it ****1/2(4.5/5).This is the only game I play which is liked by everyone in my family-my mom,my dad and my elder sister.I would like to give you a tip- go to the game options window and turn eye candy and sounds on for a good playing experience.

Here’s the best news of all its a free download of 1.7MB.You can play this game even if you have a 16MB RAM.Overall its a nice little cut game.Just click on the link below to download the game&happy jumping fellow jumpers!


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