April 15, 2007 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Formula 1.

As I wrote in one of my posts, Ferrari did dominate at Bahrain with Felipe Massa winning the race followed by Kimi Raikkonen at 3rd position. After McLaren dominated at Malaysia, it was Ferrari’s turn this time. Felipe Massa was determined to protect what he lost last week at Kuala Lampur (Malaysia). Massa got Ferrari their 100th pole position on Saturday and doubled his joy by converting his pole to a race win 10 days before his 26th birthday. Massa was clearly a class apart this weekend. Lewis Hamilton, the McLaren newcomer managed a 2nd place position. One of the most important feature of the race was engine failures witnessed by Takuma Sato, David Coulthard and Antony Davidson to name a few. Antony Davidson showed that he is a rookie by driving on the racing line when his engine blew up spilling oil on the track. Lewis Hamilton has managed 2 2nd places and 1 3rd place making him the leader in terms of championship points but I feel it’s too early to be talking about points.The day was made for me when I heard the Italian national anthem when Felipe Massa was standing on the top step of the podium

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