AIEEE 2008 Cut-Off and Analysis

The AIEEE solutions are out.You would have calculated your marks by now.If you haven’t done so,you can do so by visiting my post-Download AIEEE 2008 Solutions.You must be wondering what marks would be good enough to get a rank under 10000.The cut-off will be around 180/315 for a rank under 10000.

The format of the paper changed this year.There were 105 questions in all,35 each of Physics,Chemistry and Maths.The questions carried 3 marks as usual and there was negative marking of -1 mark per wrong question.The paper was really simple but had Assertion Reason type questions which were unexpected.

According to Career Launcher,a score of 60-65 in Maths,55-60 in Physics and 65-70 in Chemistry can be called an excellent score.All the best for the result.You can also post your marks in a comment to compare with others.

Here are some landmark ranks and the score you require for them.Note that my analysis of the cutoff might differ from the actual cutoff by a few marks. You can still comment and post your marks.


Expected Rank





















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  1. i am getting a score of 150 according to fiitjee solns. what do you think are my chances in nit(himachal,warangal).normally air 20000 to 30000 get nit himachal easily.

  2. hi i am sagar,i am getting 104 according to career point key.what will be my AIR in AIEEE and will i get admission into DA-IICT or JAYPEE(noida,shimla,guna)????????

  3. i m frm punjab- ludhiana and expecting 186 marks in AIEEE
    what do u think will be my state rnk??
    wil i be able to get computer branch in pec or thapar??

  4. i’m from TN i’m gettin 147 in ai3e…can i get it in NITs…and if so wud i get a nice branch which wud make my carrer?…..or is it advisable to get into any group offered in NITs?

  5. anirudh-Not the best NITs possible.AIR 20,000

    naitik-50,000 rank.Very slim chance.

    anon-Trichy is impossible.Your AIR will be 50,000

    aksha-Himachal is possible if your statement about it is right

    sagar-around 45,000 AIR.It is possible

    tense gal-Relax.Your AIR of around 9,000 is pretty good.Predicting state rank is very difficult.pec,thapar is possible anyways as you are uinder 10,000

    seshnag-147.AIR of about 52,000.If your state rank is good enough,you can get to NIT Trichy as you are form TN.If you can get into Trichy,join any course.If not,then consider the course.

  6. Im getting 205/315 (General Category, Delhi) in AIEEE 2008.
    Which is the best place where I can get CS / IT / Electrical?

  7. hi naman , i belong to mp and about to get 170 in aieee. may i get manit bhopal, daiict or bits mesra or some other nits? please reply. sneha

  8. Hi I am expecting about 170 (open), Haryana
    Will i get Comp. or electronics in NIT, PEC, Thapur or DAIICT.
    Please reply i am really depressed.

  9. Hey naman …I guess ur predictions are going a bit wayward here…sorry i i hurt you…

    For rank under 10000 u need atleats 205 marks…I have last year performance stats…I have also consd that Aieee was 315 marks…I have screwed eee and so maybe i could b of some help 2 u guys….Again sorry if i hurt u…too optimistic predictions buddy

  10. abhijit-I have no idea about this one.

    john-NIT is unlikely.Others may be possible.You are in MP so you might get to Bhopal.

    xyz-170 is not good enough for NIT.Rest are possible.

    sonu-Dude,my predictions are not mere guesses.I’ve checked predictions by career launcher and other top institutes.Their experience in this field speaks for themselves.

    You might be correct but you never know anything before the results are out.I don’t want to argue over this but I’ve mentioned that this might be inaccurate.

  11. hi naman,i am getting 70-80 marks in eee2008.i am an sc candidate .can i hope for nit surat or other nit’s.can tell what can be my gujarat state rank. please……………help

  12. thanx for ur advice
    my marks acc. to career launcher are 195 not 186

    when will forms of pec be available?? wil i bee able to get electronics or cse there??
    it wud be of gr8 help if u cud give me an idea bout last years pec closing ranks??
    smbody told me that last year closing rank for pec electronics was just 2582
    i m freaking out!!!

  13. hi naman, i am getting 150 a/c to fitjee solns. what are my chaces in comp in would be better if u tell me where thapar cs seats will end

  14. tanu-AIR will be 75,000.I can’t predict state rank.You are a SC candidate.NIT surat will have guj quota+SC quota.This situation is complex.It is probable.

    tense gal-no idea about pec stats.Forms will probably be out after AIEEE results.

    aki-Comp is not probable with an AIR of 20,000.You might get other courses at thapar though.

  15. Hey guys Thapar is a OK types college….gO FOR daiict if u get a chance…AIR MUST b around 9500 to get their top course…Consider others only if u dont have chance at IIT…ur IIT marks will go up…last year IIT gave two answers to some questions….U can also see thet answers of institutes differ a bit…

    GUYS THE FIITJEE success check doesnt work>>anybody who used it succesfully…please do reply

    Naman = ur right…ur predictions r quiet accurate…i was being too accurate…


    could i get cs or elec there???

  17. hi,naman sorry,again troubling u.
    i can get other nit’s.pllleeeaaase
    ans this….
    in 2006,the cut off for sc candidate in nit surat was 1.5 if u estimate this data can i get admission.
    tanu 70-80 marks sc.

  18. hi naman,
    my aieee score is 199 around and i’m from goa.can i get ETC in the top NITS ie. surathkal,warangal and trichy?also pls let me know about the state quota for goa in the NITS.

  19. Sonu-Thanks for the advice.

    tense gal-These questions are too tough to answer.NITs in general have a good reputation anyways.You shouldn’t be so worried at this time.

    Vagish-Good chances

    vivek-Your AIR will be around 35,000.Biotech is not much in demand so you have a good chance.

    Tanu-Sure.Frankly,SC cutoff is difficult to estimate.You can get to other NITs as well.

    pi-Yes you can as your AIR is under 10,000.I have no idea about Goa

  20. hi naman,
    firstly let me thank you for all the help that you are providing us with.
    my aieee marks are approx. 120-130. i am a TN candidate. what are my chances for any course in nit trichy or any other nit. do i have any chance for chemical, mechanical, instrumentation, civil etc. i am in general category. my vit mark is some 70-72. what do you advice? thanx.

  21. Hi naman,
    I am getting 130
    i am from MP (gen.)
    can i get into NIT BHOPAL??
    What is reputation of NIT RAIPUR??
    Can i get it??


  22. hi naman,
    i am getting 220/315 in aieee 2008 . i am from Andhra pradesh . can u plzz tell me whether i have a chance to get in any good nit’s especially in nit warangal, or in any IIIT’s . plzzz reply

  23. I just wasnt feeling sleepy…..Guys anbody knows about FIIT JEE success check …do reply…

    NIT like laxmangadh and others not in TOP 8 have poor infrastructure…better dont go their and opt for a private college….I forgot to mention LN MITTAL,Jaipur…A good college for someone getting decent rank (arnd 13000 – 15000) to have that….

    Please donot go for BITSAT 2008 book…Its a piece of shit…IT does not compare BITS difficulty level at all….Focus on NCERT AND use everything u learned at IIT,,,,

    P BLOCK is excluded in BITS…enjoy

    BYE ….GUYS

  24. hei,,

    i have 192 marks,, i am from kerala- general category..

    pls tell whether i ll get a good branch in NIT calicut

  25. @Anon-VIT and NIT are both possible

    @Rahul-State quota can be tricky at times.Yes you can get into Bhopal.I don’t have much idea about the reputation of NIT Raipur but if you take my advice,all NITs are good.

    @Kunal-220 is a really good score.You can get into good NITs as your rank is likely to be under 5,000

    @Sonu-Thanks for the advice.FIITJEE success check is nothing but a strategy to get roll numbers.

    @Arjun-You can get a good branch in Calicut.

  26. hi naman , suppose i get a seat in vit, do u advice me to go for vit and one more question may i know how much are u getting in aieee 2008 tell me frankly….plzz don’t mind and plzzz reply

  27. hi sonu, you said not to go for the BITSAT 2008 book… but i’ve already bought it.. BITSAT 2008 published by Arihant Prakashan… is it really that bad ? pls repl, as since i’ve seen this. i don feel like solving the book !!!

    hi naman, i was ill for a long time before iit.. so have no chance there, neither in aieee.. vit, i’m scorin 69.. is it good enough for elec. or biotech ? and do u have any idea abt manipal ? cut-off, or whether it’s good or not in terms of faculty, n infrastructure… plss reply…

  28. hi i am phani

    I am getting around 165 in aieee, i am from Andhra Pradesh, shall i get nit warangal or IIIT Hyd.

  29. hi Believe me …i had bought it last didnt prove to b of any help…dont b distressed and atleast solve it if u dont have any other material to do….u may do question banks of ur institutes or NCERT(really helpful)…do the CD u have got wid book for english and do previous year paper given in that book…….

    focus on theorotical portions in chemistry and analytical ability in physics…

    Also when r u giving the exam..the book is quiet big…hope thet helps

    my id is .. u may mail me for any queries

  30. @Anon-Yes go for it if you can’t get to somewhere significantly better.I’m getting 230 in AIEEE

    @Anon-69 is good for VIT.I have no idea about Manipal.

    @Phani-It is possible as your rank is close to 10,000

  31. Hi naman
    i’m from uttarakhand & expect around 135 in aieee what can i get & also whether i can get jp noida

  32. hi naman,
    wow, 230 is an amazing mark!! u r brainy : )
    what bout iit, are u getting in ? hope u don’t mind me asking

  33. hello naman, i’am getting 216 in eee,82 in vit , 230 in iit, what are my chances in each of them,could you please explain what is state quota and what difference will it make specially on the score i’am getting?
    PS- i’am from andhra pradesh

  34. @Billi-AIR of 25,000.Your chances are there only in your state noida is possible

    @Anon-No,I don’t mind you asking but unfortunately I’ll just make it to the EML in JEE.

    @Anon-Don’t worry.230 is good enough for IIT.Just go for IIT and forgot about everything else.

  35. hey naman…..sad to hear about ur JEE peformance….u did great in AIEEE 2008…easily getting NIT ….however NIT trichi is tough for u to get….it has two seats for rajasthan….

    what r u doing for BITSAT…a guy asked me about the book by arihant on BITSAT….i recommended him not to take it….

    hope u did well at VIT also and best wishes for BITSAT…..

  36. thanx for ur advice sir, but just out of curiosity could you explain about the state rank system please?
    PS: i’am the anon gettin’ 230 in jee,so u know my total, i have also brought the arihant book for bitsat is it good or sonu sir is telling the correct thing??????

  37. hi naman i am getting just 180 in iit jee , can u plzzz tell me do i have any chances to get a seat in iit sir plzzz reply……

  38. i am getting 110 marks in aieee. what would be the cut off for sastras university. actually there will be 30% oe the seats in sastras which will be filled according to aieee na?

  39. hi! this is sachin.
    I am gettin a score of 92 in AIEEE acc. to career point solns. so i just want to know whether i can get into NIT suratkal throu’ AIR or state ranking.
    Also help me with some tips for BITSAT which i hav taken it on
    31st may. I am really disappointed with my score in aieee n Karnataka cet where i’m jus gettin 81 out of 180.
    pls help me for fairin well in BITSAT which is like last hopes for me in engg.or i have to waste a year.

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