Email Address Update

This is an update for my feedburner email subscribers and other blog readers.Note that all blog updates will now be e-mailed to you from a new

My new contact email is feedback on my blog,you can contact me at any communications regarding my blog,the above email addresses will be used.This is just to make things simpler for people who don’t know me.For others,you can obviously contact me on my Gmail ID as well.

VMC-Test Series 9

I recently met Ankit Sarkar and discovered that he was completely unaware of the TS on Sunday.Yes,you heard it right.For all those who don’t know,Test Series 9 is on Sunday,17th February 2008 at 9:30 am.The test centers are as usual-SD Public School and Father Agnel School.I’ve got to study for it so I’ll keep this post short.I’ll make another post soon…