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Today I have decided to describe the Extended Classroom Course(ECC) of VMC(Vidyamandir Classes) in detail.People often get worried and raise questions on the course.Thus, I have decided to help you with this.
ECC is the course offered by VMC to students who don’t score enough in the admission test to get into RCC(Regular Classroom Course).In other words,it is offered to those students who would find it difficult to study in RCC.Classes are held twice a week and the matter taught is totally identical to that taught in RCC.The staff of ECC is really good.The teachers have great stamina and are capable of teaching a class for as long as 6 hours continuously.Today I am going to describe some teachers.Here’s a description of 4 teachers(I’ll give you more information later)-

To start,I’ll describe Kulwinder Bhaiya.He is a mechanical engineer who passed out from IIT Delhi in 2004.He is a great Chemistry teacher and all you have to do when he’s teaching is to listen to him carefully and obey him.You’ll surely get good marks in Chemistry.He teaches some topics of Physical Chemistry in RCC.

Now I’ll describe briefly a really cool teacher-Aditya Bahiya(Aditya Bhalla,you can find him in my orkut friend list).He teaches us Physics and is the most popular teacher in ECC.He has just passed out from IIT Delhi.Recently,I had a class with him to discuss Electrostatics.He was a bit tired after climbing 14km to go to Kedarnath with his friends.He initially told us that he was going to teach us for 3 hours as he was a bit tired.Unbeleivably,he taught us for 3hours 30minutes effortlessly.He even teaches Physics and Maths to batches of RCC(Regular).

I’ll qiuckly tell you something about Palwinder Bhaiya.He is Kulwinder Bhaiya’s younger brother.He is known for his good teaching abilities.He nevers looks at his watch while teaching.He’s a student of IIT Delhi.His policy is that he’ll teach for as long as six hours(time doesn’t matter) if he has to,but he won’t let you go home with any doubts in your mind.He is capable of teaching all the three subjects-Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics.

Vivek Bhaiya is a Maths teacher who is an engineer from DCE.More than a maths teacher he is like a friend who is very frank.He is one of the most strict teacher when it comes to studies.The same strict teacher becomes a close friend when it comes to talking about any problems.He is always availible at VMC.As far as I know,he is the only teacher at VMC on Teusdays.

Well the list of teachers is a bit long so I’ll continue later in a sequel to this post.I hope this post helps you in some way or the other.


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Yesterday, I finally received my free Ubuntu 7.04 CD. I didn’t expect it to come this soon as my friend GQ had ordered his copy much before I ordered mine and he is still waiting for his CD. I was really excited to try this latest version of this Linux based Operating System. I installed it successfully without any problems considering that it didn’t affect the Windows XP professional edition-Service Pack 2 installed on the other partition of my hard disc. Ubuntu is an ancient African word that means “humanity to others”. It was easy to install as it came with a live installation CD. All you need to have is at least 256MB of RAM and around 4GB of disc space. This is the first Linux OS I have tried and it seems to be great at first look. The installation is far more interactive than any Windows installation. As I have mentioned earlier Ubuntu is a Linux OS. Thus, you can use it absolutely free of cost. Therefore, you can order your own CD or download the files and burn a CD by clicking on the link below

I’ve decided to give you a glance at what you will receive if you download order Ubuntu. This is what the cover looks like

And here’s a picture of the CD

Ubuntu has a really good Afrikaans start up tone which is music to your ears. I personally got extremely bored of the Windows XP start up tone. The software bundled with it includes Open Office, which I must say, is much better than Microsoft Office. Mozilla Firefox is the default web browser and archive manager is the default archiver. The Add or Remove software menu is a good utility that allows you to download and install softwares easily. I would rate Ubuntu 7.04 *****(5/5). Thus, if you are thinking of upgrading to Windows Vista, you should try Ubuntu at least once before doing so. Why would you want to waste money for an unsafe OS if you could get a safer one free of charge.If you want more pictures,here’s a picture of my desktop.


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Here’s the news from the Circuit de Catalunya in Spian.Felipe Massa converted his pole position to a race victory again at the Spanish Grand Prix 2007.Lewis Hamilton as usual finished the race in 2nd position and Fernando Alonso grabbed the last podium position with a 3rd place finish.Kimi Raikkonen didn’t finish the race due to some problems.I can’t tell you much about the race as I missed it due some reasons.For more details you may visit the link below.


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You might think that I’m too repetitive with my posts but the truth is that Felipe Massa has decided to clinch pole positions for every Grand Prix this year. For the third consecutive time my post on F1 qualifying has a similar heading. I’m really excited about tomorrow’s race as Felipe Massa has clinched pole position. Fernando Alonso, the driver with the home advantage qualified 2nd and the second Ferrari driver, Kimi Raikkonen qualified third. I expect tomorrow’s race to be a close one. Let me give you the names of the top ten qualifiers.

  1. Felipe Massa
  2. Fernando Alonso
  3. Kimi Raikkonen
  4. Lewis Hamilton
  5. Robert Kubica
  6. Jarno Trulli
  7. Nick Heidfeld
  8. Heikki Kovaleinen
  9. David Coulthard
  10. Giancarlo Fisichella

The race like every European race will be very interesting to watch and you can watch the telecast of raceday live at 16:30
IST. In case you miss the race, I’ll always be there to write a detailed post to keep you up to date with latest F1 action.